Student DOE iPad Update

Internet Not Working or Apps are Grayed Out

If you have an iPad that was loaned to you by the DOE (not your school) and it won't connect to the internet, or some apps are grayed out, there are a few things you can try:

Turn Wi-Fi off

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Locate the Wi-Fi menu on the left.
  3. Tap the Wi-Fi button to turn it off (it should be gray).
  4. Open your browser and go to external link).
  5. If you can connect to, you are connected to the internet.
  6. Turn Wi-Fi back on.

Cancel the CrowdStrike app download

Your internet connection may be stalled by the app, CrowdStrike, trying to download. You will know it’s trying to download because it will be grayed out. 

  1. Locate the CrowdStrike app. It’s red with a white falcon.
  2. If the app is grayed out, tap and hold the CrowdStrike app icon.
  3. A menu will appear.
  4. Tap Cancel Download.
  5. Canceling the download will prompt other apps to update.
  6. Allow all other apps to update.
  7. Check your internet connection again by going to

Turn Airplane mode on for 15 seconds

Turning on Airplane Mode and then turning it off again will reset your internet connection.

  1. Tap the Settings app.
  2. Find the Airplane Mode button.
  3. Turn Airplane Mode on (the button will turn green) and leave it on for 15 seconds.
  4. Turn Airplane Mode off and wait until the iPad reconnects to the internet (you will see the connected icon in the top right of your home screen).
  5. Test your connection by opening your browser and going to

Open the Zscaler app

All DOE iPads come with Zscaler, a content-filtering app that ensures you use the iPad safely and in compliance with DOE policy. There are several websites that you may not be able to access if Zscaler is not connected on your iPad. To connect Zscaler:

  1. Tap the Zscaler icon.
  2. You will be automatically signed in to the app.
  3. Service Status will say “Connecting…”
  4. Wait until Service Status changes to “ON”. This may take a few minutes.
  5. Close Zscaler.
  6. Test your internet connection by going to external link)

Please note that the DOE does not allow certain websites to be visited at any time. If you believe you are being blocked from a website in error, submit a ticket for technical support.

Erase all content and settings

If you have tried all the above troubleshooting steps and still cannot connect your iPad to the internet, you can try to reset your iPad by erasing all content and settings. Important: do not erase your data plan. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General, located on the left hand side of the Settings menu.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Allow your iPad to reset.

After you have erased all content and settings

Once your iPad is reset, you will be prompted to set it up again. When following the prompts:

  1. Select your language and country (you must select the United States).
  2. Choose Set up Manually.
  3. Select a WiFi network (if you don’t have WiFi, scroll to the bottom of the list and tap Use Cellular Connection).
  4. Give the iPad a few minutes to activate and configure.
  5. The screen will say Remote Management. When this happens, tap Next in the upper right corner.
  6. You will see a message saying Installing Configuration from the NYC Department of Education.
  7. Allow 30-40 minutes for all applications to download and refresh.
  8. Test your internet connection by going to

Request technical support

If you tried all of the above steps and your iPad still won't connect to the internet, submit a ticket for technical support.

iPad SIM is Locked (PUK)

If you are receiving a message that says PUK is locked, submit a ticket to the DOE Help Desk.

iPad is Damaged or Won't Turn On

If your iPad is damaged or won't turn on, submit a ticket to the DOE Help Desk.