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Blue Sheet Survey


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to Middle School of Media, Law & Fine Arts!

Please fill out this mandatory survey in order to communicate essential information to Middle School of Media, Law & Fine Arts, especially Accepted Student Orientation and Freshman Orientation. As a reminder, you will need the following information:

     • Student Biographical Data: 
          Name, Home Address, Email, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Student ID/OSIS number (Public school students can get this from their guidance counselor. Private school students, use 888888888), Date of Birth, Gender, and Ethnicity.

• Emergency Contact Information (Blue Card Information): 
          In the event of an emergency where we cannot reach the parent/guardian of record, choose three people who can get to Middle School of Media, Law & Fine Arts to pick up a sick/injured student. All contact information is required for each of the people selected.

Emergency Contact

Student's Gender*
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1st Parent/Guardian - Contact Information



Parent's Preferred Language of Communication

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Other Parent/Guardian

Preferred Language of Communication

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List below names if two (2) persons who may be called in case of emergency or if child is sick in school

If there is a person who may NOT HAVE ACCESS to child, please indicate:

Order of Protection Exists
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Health Information

Health Alert

Does child have any health condition that may affect participation in physical activities?*
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504 Services for the current year*
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My child has:*
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If " No Health Insurance", are you willing to share contact information from this card to learn about insurance options?
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